Announces international students for studying at International Accredited Program by AQUIN:

Bachelor program «Management and Evaluation of Land Resources»

Master program «Management and Evaluation of Land Resources».


The department of Soil Science and Land Resources Evaluation of the Academy of Biology and Biotechnology of Southern Federal University (former Rostov State University) delivers academic programs since1935.
The department offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs in Soil Science. The Department has 7 research laboratories and a computer class.

General Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Mineralogy, Geodesy, and Botany. Humanities and Social Science module consists of History, Economic Theory and Sociology. Professional training in Soil Science is based on studying physics of soils, chemistry of soils, agricultural chemistry, evaluation and management of land resources, and mathematical modeling of soil processes. Internship is an essential part of the programs. The programs include field practices at field camps in Nedvigovka (Adygea) and Lymanchyk (Novorossiisk) and expeditions to various natural zones as well as internships at research institutions and enterprises.

The department has won a great number of various research and education grants aimed at conducting joint research, academic exchange of students and teachers in national and international organizations and taking part in the biggest conferences.

Graduates  employability
The graduates of the department can work:

  • in Federal supervisory organization reference centers;
  • in the Federal Agency of State registration, cadastre and cartography;
  • in regional committees on Land resources;
  • in state bodies of ecological control and environmental management;
  • in industrial and agricultural sector ( ecological audit and management);
  • in ecological departments of enterprises;
  • in education sphere (universities, schools);
  • in research institutions, companies engaged in using soil science findings (ecology, land development, agricultural chemistry, criminology, medicine, archaeology, biology, cartography, civil engineering).